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Fully and Professionally Equipped Click on any of the following for a detailed description.

Sony FS7

complete pkg.

Ask about Day Rates

I am always included. It's MY stuff so I come with. You can direct as you wish, but I'm attached to the camera. :) Steadycam rig ready for this (see below).


Black Magic URSA 4K

complete pkg.

Ask about Day Rates

You get your choice of lenses with this one. Ask me. It's EF mount. Rails as well, and sticks, and monitoring, etc......

My Favorite Lite

Production Tool

Panasonic GH3
With Cage and other accessories.
Steadycam - CAME
Up to a 33 lb. rig, no problem. Includes the FS7 and BM-URSA kits. Beautiful floating footage. Balances for all of my cameras.
GoPro Hero 3 Black + JamPack



Full lighting kit for normal small interior sets. Backdrops incl. green, white, black. This kit plus my Genaray is a great deal of watts. Greenscreen is large enough for 2 people to stand in front of it, or put behind a desk or chair set. Larger sets, risers, ladders, and support equipment I rent.

More Lights


Then there's the Odyssey 7Q for my FS7. Dual card inputs and HDMI monitoring, attached to cam.